Mission Statement of Century Pines Jewish Center

Century Pines Jewish Center is a kehila-- a sacred community-- dedicated to a Judaism that not only conserves the tradition but also makes changes that keep up with the changing times. In short, as a Conservative Egalitarian synagogue, Century Pines Jewish Center combines tradition with change.

Our members create a warm, emotional and spiritual environment that enables and inspires people to come close to God and to gain meaning and strength from the Torah and it's teachings. We will always remain deeply committed to Israel and we seek to inspire people's participation in fulfilling our mission. Very simply, our mission is to:

  • engage people in meaningful prayer
  • encourage Jewish learning
  • develop leadership skills among younger members
  • create a warm, loving social atmosphere through great social events.



History of Century Pines Jewish Center

In the early 1990s, Century Pines Jewish Center started using, for its services, the small building that now accommodates the Village Reform Congregation. So enormous was Century Pines JC's growth in that decade, that it had to hold its High Holy Day services in the Century Village Clubhouse Theater, an auditorium that seats over a thousand! Spearheaded by President Ralph Cohen, a fundraising effort succeeded in creating magnificent building CPJC uses today; a beautiful edifice with wonderful stained glass windows. That building was completed in the year 2000 and, at its zenith, as many as nine hundred people have filled it on the High Holy Days.

Some of our congregants can remember Rabbis Friedman, Silver, and Fink as well as Cantors Milder, Kanas and Goldenholtz. Our current Rabbi, Harvey Hoffman, joined us in 2011 and our current Cantor, Glen Sherman, joined us on 2008.

In addition to Ralph Cohen's presidency, which spanned nearly twenty years we also acknowledge the presidencies of Nate Weiss, Izzy Juda and our current President, Sol Landes.